Empower Women - Empower Humanity

Iedara Taleem-un-Nisa (ITN) - Institute for the Education of Women - is a registered charity in the UK. This charity aims to empower women through knowledge and skill. ITN envisions a society where women can exercise their choices and participate in all walks of life without fear or intimidation.

Since 2001, ITN has been running Jalal Grammar School (JGS) for the primary education of underprivileged children in Lahore. It started Jalal School for Computer Sciences (JSCS) for secondary education in 2015. The main focus of teaching at JSCS is science subjects: physics, chemistry, biology and information technology (IT). The medium of teaching is English.

In 2023, ITN constructed a four-story eco-friendly building in Lahore with zero carbon footprint. The new facility is air-conditioned and has its fresh filtered-water supply from an ultra-deep borehole. A 12 KW solar system is installed in this building to provide all the electricity needed for the school.

Iedara Taleem-un-Nisa has expanded its academic activities to encompass K-12 education: kindergarten to intermediate. ITN merged primary and secondary schools into a single entity (JGS) and moved these schools from rented buildings to this newly constructed building in 2023. ITN has installed an IT laboratory in JGS with 30 workstations.

Aim of ITN: To advance the education and training of underprivileged girls in Pakistan